Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency involves only individual habits and behavior. Technological progress is also crucial, and the canton of Vaud is a hotbed of energy innovation.

Alongside other countries committed to COP21 and the Paris Agreement, Switzerland faces a considerable challenge in reducing energy consumption over the coming years.

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) will be a particularly steep test as the country is phasing out nuclear power and will have to make up the shortfall with other energy sources.

In this context, any reduction in energy consumption in Switzerland will help fight global warming, avoid an energy shortage, and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign supplies. Energy efficiency is a significant part of Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050.

Energy efficiency aims to reduce the energy consumption required for lighting, heating, and traveling, all while maintaining a high level of service – a regular supply, secure infrastructures, and reliability in terms of equipment and service to individuals, companies, and public institutions. 

Rather than increasing energy production, energy efficiency focuses on lowering consumption through technological innovation.

Regarding energy innovation, the canton of Vaud is one of the best regions in Europe, offering researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors an attractive framework thanks to the shared support of public authorities, the research sector, large companies, and startups.

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