Innovaud serves as the pivotal innovation and investment promotion agency for the Canton of Vaud, situated in Switzerland’s Lake Geneva region. The Canton of Vaud stands at the forefront of innovation in domains such as AI & Machine Learning, Agri-tech, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Drones, Energy Efficiency, Immunology, LabTech & Diagnosis, Neurotechnologies, Oncology, Robotics, Digital Health, and EdTech.

Innovaud actively collaborates with various technology parks, including Agropoloe, Ateliers de Renens, Biopole, EPFL Innovation Park, Technopôle de Sainte-Croix, Y-Parc, and Swiss Aeropole and Unlimitrust. This collaborative effort aims to encourage dialogue among start-ups, corporations, investors, academics, institutions, and other stakeholders.

Vaud’s industrial landscape boasts expertise with a rich history spanning centuries, resulting in the creation of globally recognized “Swiss Made” products. The economic agreements Switzerland has established with multiple countries position the Canton of Vaud as an ideal gateway to the European market and beyond.

Switzerland’s standing as a nation that fosters innovation is underscored by its top-ranking position in INSEAD’s Global Innovation Index. This recognition is primarily attributed to the country’s exceptional human capital and substantial investment in research and development, with R&D spending reaching 3.4% of GDP, among the highest globally.

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