Manoj Thacker

Advisor | Mentor | Entrepreneur | Ambassador Innovaud Swiss

Founder and advisor in ideation to execution with a strong track record of identifying opportunities for integrating and distributing products and services in ways that deliver value to shareholders, employees, and customers.

Passion with Purpose

As a well-traveled Singaporean polyglot with Gujarati roots, I am a unique presence among business leaders.

I am passionate about the role that business and commerce can play to eradicate inequality and level the playing field for all. I believe the solutions lie not in the boardrooms of today's global corporations but in the young minds of the next generation of business leaders – the founders.

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Blog Date "It’s never too late to be what you might have been"

Martina Lofqvist

Martina Lofqvist

Hi, I am Martina, A Swedish and American, currently residing in Switzerland A Swedish and American, currently residing in Switzerland. I grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm, surrounded by forests, lakes, and sea in one of the world’s largest...


Innovaud is the pivotal innovation and investment promotion agency for the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland's Lake Geneva region. The Canton of Vaud stands at the forefront of innovation in domains such as AI & Machine Learning, Agri-tech, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Drones, Energy Efficiency, Immunology, technology and diagnosis, Neurotechnology, Oncology, Robotics, Digital Health, and EdTech.

Innovaud actively collaborates with various technology parks, including Agropoloe, Ateliers de Renens, Biopole, EPFL Innovation Park, Technopôle de Sainte-Croix, Y-Parc, and Swiss Aeropole, and Unlimitrust. This collaborative effort encourages dialogue among start-ups, corporations, investors, academics, institutions, and other stakeholders.

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