Manoj Thacker

Ambassador Innovaud Swiss and Strategic Advisor

Personal Intro

Born into an entrepreneurial Gujarati family , I grew up in one of the world's most impoverished societies.

Determined to make my own way in the world, at the age of 18, I rejected my father's offer of financial support and bootstrapped my first start-up. In less than 6 years the company, Sky Electronics, had an annual turnover of $50m, employing over 100 staff.


Inspired by my unique childhood of privilege at the heart of inequality, I have spent the past 40 years championing the underdog and creating opportunities for others to lift themselves out of poverty. One of my earliest achievements was the affordable PCs for overlooked markets in the Middle East. By doing that I provided access to information, education, and opportunity for millions. My work with partners on critical infrastructure projects, providing technology to enhance governance, education, healthcare, transportation, and agricultural services, has improved quality of life for millions more.

Passion with Purpose

I am passionate about the role that business and commerce can play to eradicate inequality and level the playing field for all. I believe the solutions lie not in the boardrooms of today's global corporations, but in the young minds of the next generation of business leaders – the founders.

I strive to make a positive impact for all stakeholders in areas that align with both their purpose and values. I work with a community of changemakers, advocates, entrepreneurs, who believe in using technology to solve complex social issues and improve outcomes for all of humanity.

Everyone can Solve Problems

The extensive network of high-level, competent connections I have built over many years in business in many countries, allows me to bring not only myself to the table, but introduce founders to a suite of suitable advisors and investors, from which they can select the ones most suited to the needs of their company. This network also contributes to partnerships and business alliances.

New Generation of Founders

I find new generation of founders to be young, ambitious, sometimes impatient and increasingly entrepreneurial. With global ambitions that set them ahead of the curve when compared to the previous generation of founders, they start with the potential to scale.

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    • London School of Economics
    • Cambridge Judge Business School
    • Harvard Business School
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