How Deep in Sea is Humanity willing to go for a Green Economy

How Deep in Sea is Humanity willing to go for a Green Economy

Watch the documentary and comment on Who really owns the Deep Ocean and Who should benefit from it?

Do you want to have a say? – Deep Rising reminds us that the seabed is the common heritage of humankind and highlights the urgent need to make the right decision for generations to come.

Let us plant seeds of hope and inspire all by making it clear that a green energy revolution is still within our reach if we are willing to radically put an end to our destructive behaviors and create a truly regenerative economic and social architecture.

A riveting tale of geopolitical, corporate and scientific intrigue, the film exposes the inner workings of the International Seabed Authority (ISA): a secretive United Nation instrument which oversees nearly half our planet’s surface on the ocean floor. The ISA is empowered to greenlight the massive extraction of metals from the seabed which are deemed essential by some to fulfill demand for the current electric battery technology.

However, in order to address the climate crisis, we must protect the biodiversity of our ocean and as humanity is fast-devouring the finite resources of our Blue Planet, we are witnessing the sixth mass extinction before our very eyes.

While the world’s human population represents a miniscule 0.01 percent of all living things, our own body mass consists mostly of the primordial ocean and microbes.

Protecting ocean biodiversity then, is not just about securing the future of turtles, dolphins, whales, and all the other amazing sea life we love and cherish. It is bigger than that. Because the biosphere does not belong to us; we belong to it.

Biodiversity is the infrastructure that supports all forms of life on Earth. If we weighed all the living organisms in the ocean, 90% would be microbes. The uppermost centimeters of the seafloor’s microbial mass is equivalent to approximately 385 billion African elephants. This is astonishing and yet we know almost nothing about this fragile, critical ecosystem contained in the depths of the ocean.

All the seafloor beyond national jurisdiction is, by law, the common heritage of humankind. We have a shared moral responsibility to make the right decisions over its future – now and for the generations to come.

Thank You Laure de Peretti de la Rocca from The StoryBoard Collective for introducing me to Matthieu Rytz and Thank You Seedstars for a thought provoking and eye opening panel on investing on alternative energy.

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