Meet New Innovators of Canton of Vaud

Meet New Innovators of Canton of Vaud

Thanks to Isabelle Moret Head of the Department of Economy, Innovation, Employment and Heritage (DEIEP) of the Canton of Vaud for opening the event with President of Innovaud Rémi Walbaum

Innovaud team is driving Innovation with amazing team of Patrick Barbey Frederic Dubois Yuliya Blaser Frederic Reymond Yohann PERRON François Capel Caroline Schwarz Julie Bocquel Alexis Bittar Julie Pyl Arnaud Croisier

Nikunj Dudani from AeroSpec – Aerospec’s technology measures the chemical composition of air pollution – providing detailed analysis on its source, its makeup, and potential health effects. By providing comprehensive and actionable data that empowers businesses and governments to improve air quality and global health. Read more

Paul Edmunds from Aquascope – Aquascope is a B2B SaaS platform giving vital data and insights to companies on their risk at the interface between water, our river, and business. Read more

Andrey Suzdaltsev from Brightside AI – Brightside AI develops SaaS to help teams combat social-engineering cyberattacks that are enabled by mass adoption of gene. Brightside mission is to develop the most effective cybersecurity solution to protect SMEs from gene threats. Read more

Ashima R. from Drive Impact – Drive Impact is a sustainable project development agency in Lausanne. They use principles of circular economy and impact analysis to enable business transformation in Swiss organisations, focused on resilience and long term sustainability. Read more

Anzhey Zhimbiev from LifeDX – LifeDX is developing affordable diagnostic devices to improve healthcare quality and efficacy of early diagnosis and prediction in developed and low to middle income countries. Read more

Natalia Zhilinskaya from NanThermix SA – NanThermix is a pioneer in nanoscale temperature control in living systems. Their patented technology opens up new possibilities in a multiple of applications, including diagnostic IVF and regenerative medicines, improving the quality and longevity of lives. Read more

Norman Pardanaud from OPEO – OPEO supports industrial businesses and their ecosystems in becoming market leaders by increasing the agility of their organisations, the excellence of their operations and through digital hybridisation. Read more

Anis GHORBEL from Precisia Care SA – Precisia Care SA the core mission revolves around enhancing patient outcomes while simultaneously driving down care costs and bolstering efficiency. Read more www.

Ivan Istomin (易帆) from Roumai Medical – Roumai develops the off-the-shelf, immediately available, tissue-engineering blood vessels that can transform the treatment of various vascular diseases, including coronary artery diseases peripheral arterial diseases, and arteriovenous access for hemodialysis.

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