Technology for Regeneration at EPFL Innovation Park in Canton of Vaud Innovaud

Technology for Regeneration at EPFL Innovation Park in Canton of Vaud Innovaud

Let us regenerate the world together with new technologies and business models and be a part of the solution for rapid transition towards a REGENERATIVE ECONOMY.

Founders need resources, community, contacts, mentoring and partners to refine business models, commercialisation, internationalisation and connecting with investor network.

Come and learn regenerative strategies,leadership, branding and marketing. Meet the best and join the the REGENERATION HUB EPFL Innovation Park

Apply Contact for any questions – info@tech4regenaration

Equity Free – 9 Months

For more information – it is completely FREE and Open for Startups from Switzerland and even other countries.

Jean-Philippe Lallement Bertrand Klaiber

Romande Energie is our core partner in the New Tech4Regeneration acceleration program – they bring the expertise and execution capabilities and collaborative projects. More partners will join to develop cross-sector collaborations and accelerate the deployment of solutions to address the global challenges of our Earth and Society.

Laurent Botaya Dr Cara Tobin fabrice leclerc Laura Scorza Wade Chantal Baer David Truffer Dhanesh Kothari Dr Eric Favre Dr Michel Jaccard Dr Werner Halter Ella THESEE LABONNE Fadi Mujahid GĂ©raldine FIOL 🌎 Marine Gruaz-RĂ©buffat Nicolas Ganshof Olivier Chappuis Tanja Markotic Wiktor Korewa

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